Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jan Lokpal and Corruption Free India : Agitation  to be launched in
January 2013 From Gandhi Maidan, Patna (Bihar) in January 2013

The preparations to launch a nation-wide movement for Jan Lokpal and Corruption Free India are at finishing stage, organizing the karykartas all over India is an important task at this juncture which is being achieved using latest information technology tools. Preparations are going ahead at a great pace and with enthusiasm.
Ever-increasing corruption is a great concern for our country men. In addition, price rise (which is, in a way, an offshoot of corruption) has made it very difficult for the common man to survive.     
The year 2011 was a landmark year which witnessed two outsized sessions of anti-graft movement. In the month of April and August this year, for agitations held at Jantar-Mantar and Ram Leela Maidan respectively; people gathered in phenomenal numbers and also turned out in large numbers on the streets. Post independence, this proved to be a unique movement against corruption which achieved a significant mass awakening throughout the country. However, irrespective of people’s response to the movement, effective Jan Lokpal still remains a dream to come true due to the ill intentions of the central government.
Although the parliament failed to enact stringent law against corruption; our movement against corruption has awakened all citizens across the country. At Ralegan Siddhi, we are receiving letters from all over India wherein thousands of youth are expressing their strong will to actively participate in the movement, offering to dedicate their lives for the cause. In additions, many retired IAS, IPS, IRS, Military Officers and high profile people have also expressed their willingness to join the movement.
I am thoroughly overwhelmed to experience such a response from my fellow Indians! These days, while many important movements in this country are suffering from lack of karykartas, this movement is getting an over-sized, self-instigated response from people in terms of number of such karykartas. I do not know whether it is merely a consequence or it is God’s own determination to take up this work ahead. In view of this response, we have considered it important to make use of modern information technology to ensure a better connectivity.  Through this technology support and networking, we will be able to communicate unto the village level grass root swayamsevaks (volunteers) of this movement. We will take up this movement ahead with a better organization of people.
I am sure, in India, revolution is round the corner. Experience of last 65 years of Indian Independence shows that not the political force; but the people’s force brings revolution. People’s control on political force is a prerequisite for bringing up the change.
The nation has waken-up now; so also the youth. The government is not afraid of people coming to streets when the elections are not ahead, but yes, with a fear of losing power, it gets afraid of people coming on streets when elections are ahead, round the corner.
The pressure of people’s movement on governing forces is most important aspect and electing good candidates to represent people is important too. To ensure that people elect only good character candidates, we will have to create awareness to such extent where people themselves are determined to do so. The voters of entire country will have to take adored bharat mata’s oath and decide firmly not to succumb to direct-indirect inducements offered by corrupt candidates, not to consider caste and creed, and elect only good character people to represent them. Starting from January 2013 till the general elections of the year 2014, we will work hard to build such awareness in this regard in the wake of which the government will be forced to take effective steps for public causes such as Jan lokpal, Right to Reject, Right to Recall, Powers to Gram- Sabhas, people’s Right to Service, Citizen’s Charter, Lokayuktas at States, etc. We will have to work hard for Peoples Organisation and Peoples Education for which the volunteers all over the country are ready now.  
For some time, the movement was held back due to my eye surgery, however, now I am in a cherishing health and have got back to planning and spearheading of the movement with my colleagues. We have decided that I will start rallying the country from January 2013. The re-organized movement will begin from Gandhi Maidan in Patna, Bihar, the same place from where loknayak Shri Jayprakash Narayan-ji had started his historic movement. We will travel across India and will form organization to fight against corruption.
In order to spread this movement across the country, it is important to use modern  information technology techniques for better communication.   I had held a meeting with a group of around ten IT experts on the 14th of this month at Ralegan Siddhi. We discussed ways in which the internet, website, social websites, blogs, SMS and such other currently prevalent / popular means of communication could be utilized to snowball this movement. These experts assured me that they will continue to dedicate themselves to this movement always.
In about week’s time, we will facilitate online registration for people wanting to be a part of this movement. People/volunteers who wish to associate themselves to this movement can contact us on the address and email address provided at the end of this blog.
There is distress among our people regarding corruption, inflation, issues of farmers and workers, more so about education, health, and environment along with exploitation of natural resources as well as humanity. In this scenario, the struggle to bring a change is long-lasting, challenging and difficult, however I completely believe that we can bring about this change by joining hands and creating awareness about this common cause and make this movement a huge success.

(K.B. alias Anna Hazare)
Ralegansiddhi (Maharashtra)

18th October 2012

Contact No. 02488 240401, 240010.
Address : Ralegansiddhi, Tal - Parner, Dist - Ahmednagar, PIN - 414302. 

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  1. Sir please come to Andhra Pradesh and change the mindset of people. The massive corruption we have seen between 2004-09 during YSR Congress regime is Unprecedented. People have sympathy towards his son who is the richest MP and did mind boggling loot. With TV channel and Newspaper they are brain washing people.