Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Answer to PMO letter about Janlokpal...

Date: 26/11/2013

Shri. Manmohan Singh ji,
Prime Minister,
Government of India.

Sub: - With reference to the letter received on 25 th November, sent by your office on 28 th                                    October………..

Dear Sir,
          I received a letter of Shri. V. Narayanasamy, sent by your office. I felt disheartened to read the letter. I am writing to you since last two years regarding passing of the Janlokpal Bill. Neither you nor your government has taken any constructive steps to bring the Janlokpal bill. For last two years, the citizens of India are being fooled in this regard. You have mentioned in your letter that, the selected committee of Rajya Sabha, after reviewing the recommendations of Lokpal & Lokaayukta Bill, the Central Government had directed the Rajya Sabha Secretariat to put forth the Bill in Rajya Sabha for further recommendations.
It was decided to pass the Bill in the Budget Session of the Rajya Sabha. But the Bill was not tabled in this Session. You have not mentioned any specific reason for this, in your letter. The Selected Committee of Rajya Sabha had sent its report on 23 rd. November 2012. After receiving this report on 23 rd. November 2012, this Bill was expected to be discussed in the Budget Session of Rajya Sabha, but unfortunately this did not happen.
The Bill was not discussed in the Monsoon Session too, without any reason. You had assured in your letter that the Bill would be passed in the Monsoon Session, but the Bill was not discussed. It’s a rare possibility that the Janlokpal & Lokaayukta Bills would be discussed in the Winter Session either. You & your party members are every now & then give assurances to the citizens, that they are committed to bring a strong Lokpal to eradicate the corruption from India. But unfortunately, this is not happening in reality.
You all are promising the countrymen for your commitment to bring the Janlokpal Bill, but for past two years it is not passed. The selected committee of Rajya Sabha had submitted its report on 23 rd. November 2012. Only discussion was remaining to be done in the Rajya Sabha, but for last two years it was not done, this is beyond my understanding. You have mentioned there are two colors for this Bill, one supporting & other opposing.
After having these two colors in your government too, you all have succeeded in passing the Bills like, Land Acquisition Bill, Food Security Bill, Pension Bill, Bill to allow the members to contest election from jail, Presidents election etc. Rajya Sabha has highest members of your party. The Selected Committee of Rajya Sabha is headed by your party. It’s not impossible at all to pass the Bill, if you all had a will to do so; hereby you are continuously fooling the citizens of India.
You also have mentioned this Bill is of national importance & therefore it is essential that it be discussed in the house in a Democratic way, before passing the Bill. This Bill was passed in the Loksabha, with consent, in a single day. In the Rajya Sabha Selected Committee has been established for this, which had submitted its report on 30 th. November. It gets stuck at this place, which replicates a question mark on willpower of the government. Only the discussion is remaining in Rajya Sabha, for this, period of one year has passed; it clearly indicates lack of willpower on governments’ part.
In every letter you insist that, the government is continuously making efforts to pass the Lokpal & Lokaayukta Bills as soon as possible. These assurances have completed a year, but so far Lokpal & Lokaayukta Bills are not passed. I had written to you earlier that, you are fooling us continuously regarding the Janlokpal Bill, therefore I would show protest on the Ramleela Maidan on the very first day of the Winter Session.
I have gone through an operation recently. My health is not sound; the Doctors have strictly advised me not to travel. So I would begin my protest from some other place. I would write to you in my next letter regarding the place.


K. B. Alias Anna Hazare.

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