Friday, 15 August 2014


            It is noticed that some organizations – Jantantra Morcha, India against Corruption & many more are putting up my name with their organizations and in a way, misusing it. I am neither connected with any organization other than “Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Aandolan” nor have I founded, registered or have associated with any other organization in the capacity of an office bearer or in any other manner. Possibly some organizations with whom I am not connected might be using my name for their selfish purpose. There may be a possibility of unfair malpractices to earn money. Throughout my life I have never ever accumulated wealth, and not maintained any bank balance. Use of my name for personal gains or for political motives is certainly not justifiable and should be condemned.
            “Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Aandolan Nyas” was registered with the Charity Commissioner eighteen years ago to fight against corruption. Its head quarter is situated at Ralegan Siddhi, Tehsil Parner, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra State, 414302. Its area of operation is all over India. In the beginning the area of operation was restricted to the state of Maharashtra. At present its network is spread over 33 Districts & 252 Tehsils in Maharashtra. It is instrumental to enact seven major statutes beneficial to the society at large like RTI (Right to Information), Office Deferment etc. It has a very strong and vibrant organizational structure at the District & Tehsil level. It has never sought for any funds from within or outside the country.
I have a firm belief that, a dream of corruption free India can be achieved mainly through cleaning of the political system which will lead to eradication of corruption. Past 30 years I am working for this cause.
            As a result of the agitations of this movement six corrupt ministers of our state and more than 400 corrupt officers were removed. The movement has objectives to be instrumental to enact statutes like - Right to Reject (RTR), Right To Recall (RTC) & Empowering Gramsabha. This organization aspires to help farmers to get fair and ruminative prices for their products on the basis of cost of cultivation. And now “Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Aandolan Nyas” has spread its activities in many other states. The goal of corruption free India can be achieved through transformation of systems and changing mindsets of people and the movement is also well aware that removal of ministers and some individuals is not sufficient enough.
Our country has witnessed that people gathered at Ramleela Maidan as also in various parts of the country in huge numbers to participate in the agitation on 16th August 2011, to pursue the government to bring out a robust Lokpal Bill. During the past 42 years various governments tabled the Lokpal bill 8 times, however the bill could not be passed. The strong public opinion forced the government to pass the Lokpal & Lokayukta Bill. This is a step towards change and reform in the system to eradicate corruption.
Yet another movement needs to be started to have a corruption free India. Which ever party be in the power, there will always be a need to create non-violent pressure of the people’s opinion. Non-violent struggle is the solution for various problems of the country as well as to accomplish the dream of corruption free India.
Thousands of volunteers are joining this movement. The organization should be of upright patriotic volunteers of good character, having a sense of social responsibility. We should not forget the sacrifices of the great martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev & many more. It may be difficult to find volunteers of such characteristics, but not impossible. There is huge number of selfless social workers in our country dedicated to the service of society & nation. We need to reach out to such people & raise a nationwide movement.
Hence the existing committees of BVJA are being restructured. There will neither be a President nor any office bearers. The new structure of the organization will be without any hierarchy and all the members will only be volunteers without any designation.
            The members of this movement will refrain from contesting any election. This organization will of those who want to work for the betterment of the society and nation, want to combat to bring reform in system, by non violent path. They should be prepared to go to jail while agitating in a non-violent way. The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhiji had shown us the way.
            I appeal such men of character to please contact us at “Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Aandolan Nyas”, At Post Ralegan Siddhi, Tehsil Parner, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, and Pin-code 414302.
            Those who want to use the name of “Anna Hazare” for selfish motives, must keep away from this. Only men of character with concern for the society and nation should join this movement. For further clarification, you may contact on the address given below. It may possibly take 5/10 or more years to form such a movement, but we need only men of good character. For me, it is not so important how large is the number of volunteers, but I do want the movement to be a value based one. Mahatma Gandhiji did not form any committees in 1947. The workers dedicated to the service of nation joined him for the success of the movement. We need selfless workers.

Dt. 13 August 2014,
Ralegan Siddhi.


K. B. Alias Anna Hazare.

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