Friday, 30 January 2015

Agitation needful again...

Today is the death anniversary of Pujya Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi who sacrificed his life for all of us. The Mahatma would have certainly accomplished his dream of "unto the last" and "village self-governance” if he would have got some more span of life. I pay my sincere homage to Bapu.

Last few months I was suffering from severe backache and hence was unable to go to the people regularly. Now I am perfectly fit and fine. I have once again started serving the people as usual. Many of the fellow countrymen have expressed their concern towards my health and have extended their wishes to me. I am thankful to all for their love and affection.

Post 1947, the corruption in India raised by leaps and bounds. Life of the common people got difficult more and more. Therefore the entire India stood united in the Lokpal andolan. Lokpal Act got the final nod from Hon'ble President of India on 1st January 2014. The law itself makes it mandatory for central government to appoint the lokpal within a time limit of one year. However, the government formed by constitution has breached the law of the parliament which too is formed by constitution. Neither the Lokpal is visible in the Center, nor the Lokayuktas in the states.

In the past, even after its written assurance to me while ending my fast on Ram Leela maidan in 2011, the previous government evaded passing the lokpal bill. Therefore, I was compelled to have another fast in Ralegansiddhi in the month of December, 2013. The people stood by it and government was compelled to pass the Lokpal Bill. The people who came into power later have been staunch supporters of Lokpal in the past history. The then Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha; Shri Arun Jetleyji has written me a letter endorsing his party's full support to early appointment of Lokpal. The then Leader of the Opposition in Lok sabha, Shrimati Sushama Swarajji has also preferred for early appointment of Lokpal. I am surprised that after the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji's taking over the command, BJP has taken a complete 'U' turn on the issue of Lokpal and even after having stabilized the at Center, the government failed to appoint the Lokpal. Meanwhile the Supreme Court of India has also issued the directions in this regard, but Lokpal is not appointed yet. The government should come transparent before the people and should explain why it is afraid of appointing the Lokpal and if not so what is the reason behind not appointing the Lokpal? They promised during elections that their government will priorities the issue of tackling the corruption; however no action is visible.

In the meanwhile, irrespective of my ailment, I wrote three letters to the Prime Minister. The first letter I wrote on 27th August 2014, second on 18 October 2014 & third letter on 1 January 2015. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister's office remained

inactive. I am enclosing all three letters with this release to make the fellow countrymen aware of the facts.

The new government has time and again promised the people of bringing the "achchhe din" or good days ahead, however; barring to a few capitalists, none of the common men are experiencing it. On one hand the statements provoking communalism are coming up frequently while on the other hand labor laws are being changed against the interests of hard working laborers. The farmer’s organizations across the country are meeting me and insisting to initiate agitation against the new ordinance in the Land Acquisition Act 2013 which is brought hastily to uproot the farmers. The new government is bypassing the parliament to bring a new 'Ordinance Raj' which is not acceptable and Hon'ble President of India also recently has expressed his concerns towards it. The people who run government should not bring such dictatorship. This ordinance might be fair technically but it is not fair democratically. The farmers cannot be suppressed only because so called development is desired by a few select capitalists. This is Bapuji's country and the true development can be achieved only through gram swaraj and not at the cost of farmer’s livelihood. The new government should understand this as early as possible. I assure the farmers across the country that i will fight for this cause also along with Lokpal. We will unite all farmers associations and take the fight ahead. I will fight for farmers, I am also a son of a farmer.

Preparations are on and soon we will constitute a new team to take on the andolan ahead. We will see to it that only dedicated selfless people join us and not the opportunists. Youth across the country is willing to join us in order to save this country from corruption and crony capitalism. I welcome them all. Training of activists is a routine practice at my village, Ralegan Siddhi. All those activists also shall be joining us. The advanced media center at Ralegan Siddhi is also ready where from I can reach to the people through video conferencing.

I have decided since my early age that I will live and die also for my nation. While reiterating my commitment towards eradication of corruption I appeal the fellow countrymen to get ready for a new struggle to make India corruption free.

Jay Hind!


K. B. alias Anna Hazare

Address for communication:
Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas
Ralegan Siddhi, TQ: Parner
Dist : Ahemadnagar
Maharashtra - 414302
Phone: 02488-240401

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