Monday, 11 December 2017

About Agricultural Costs and Prices...

Hon. Narendra Modi Ji,
Prime Minister of India,
Raisina Hill, New Delhi.
Subject: In every State Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) decides rates for agricultural products and submit the report to the center. But central government doesn’t take appropriate action on the report. So we have decided to start indefinite Satyagrah Movement on 23rd march 2018 (Shahid Divas).
Earlier, a committee was working to get the right prices for farm products. The information has been received that, according to the geographical situation, the state's CACP works to determine the cost of various farm products. After fixing the price, the State CACP submits pricing to central CACP. From various agriculture universities the information of the correct price is sent to State CACP, Based on the cost of production for 22 different types of crops, which has been fixed by every state. Agriculture universities fix the prices considering the cost to cultivation. Based on the information received from those agricultural universities, the farmed product price is fixed by state CACP.
Central CACP Demands Recommendations from Sate CACP. On that basis, the prices of all agricultural yields are fixed by Central CACP. With the approval of the Union Cabinet, the Central CACP decides the basic cost of farm products.
The price should be based on the expenses occurred for the farming, it is a demand from the farmers of this country for many years. The movement is happening in many states. Information has been received that the recommendation made by the State CACP has always been ignored by the Central Government and CACP. In the last ten years the price recommended by the state CACP has not been announced. This is clear from the information given below.
                                              2014-2015                                                   2015-2016
Agri Product                      State           Center                                         State              Center       
Paddy                                2700.00     1360.00                                        2964.00         1410.00
Sorghum                            2368.00     1530.00                                        2509.00         1510.00
Toor                                    4963.00     4350.00                                       7625.00          4771.00
Moong                                6922.00     4600.00                                       8231.00          4850.00
Groundnut                          7270.00     4000.00                                       7862.00          4030.00
Soybean                            3995.00      2560.00                                       4350.00          2600.00
cotton                                6505.00       4050.00                                      6894.00          4100.00
Wheat                                2512.00      1400.00                                      7525.00          1450.00
This shows that several times central CACP has sanction half the price to states CACP. In the last 10 years, the prices of agricultural produce are increase minimal, for example the price of cotton has increased to just Rs. 2000. But farmers have to pay an increased price to purchased items to fulfill their daily needs. i.e. garments, utensils, and products required for cultivation. This products price have increased more than 4 times in last 10 years. Perhaps you will know, farmers in Marathwada and Vidarbha in Maharashtra have committed suicide. The reason for this is, 40-50% less prices are announced by the central CACP than the recommendation price by State CACP. The state CACP had recommended the price for cotton, in fact the farmers did not receive the same price. If the central CACP gives the farm product price as per the recommendation of the state CACP, then the farmer will not suicides. So the central government is responsible for the suicides of farmers. The company imposes the prices according to their wishes on the goods manufactured by them, but the prices of farm product in the country of agriculture are not fixed at the right price, it is disagreeable.
In fact, the prices of farm products has been recommended by the experts of various agricultural universities. In such situation, why center reduces the price. This is injustice towards Farmers. This is an evidence that the central government does not concerned about the betterment of the farmers. If the Center does not believe in the state CACP, then the Center should assign the separate system. But, at the behest of the Center, the State has set the farm product prices, by making the State CACP. So the Center should accept it. It is not correct to distrust them. To protest, we the farmers of this country are starting Satyagraha movement on March 23, 2018, at Delhi on Shahid Divas.
Farmers and agricultural laborers instantly need to carry out the ‘Farm Product Price Protection Law’. But the government does not think on this. The farmer invest in the crop insurance scheme, take loan from the bank to increase farming, the bank deducts 5 percent towards crop insurance from the loan amount. When there is a loss to the farmer's due to natural calamities, in such a situation, the farmer should get back the money of insurance. The Fact is they do not get. After taking insurance, due to natural calamities, their crops are damaged, their hard work becomes futile. The costs occurred are in vain and the amount of insurance is not recovered. The disaster comes on both sides makes frustrating situation in the life of the farmers. In such a situation, farmer becomes compelled to commit suicide.
The central government is responsible for such situation of farmers. Therefore, we are demanding that the government should take immediate and correct steps to solve all these problems. Otherwise, we are starting the indefinite Satyagraha movement in Delhi from March 23, 2018 - Shahid Divas.
Yours Faithfully,
K.B. Alias Anna Hazare

Central Agriculture Minister, Government of India, New Delhi.
State Agriculture Minister, Government of India, New Delhi.
Secretory, Agriculture Ministry, Government of India, New Delhi.

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