Monday, 4 February 2013

Not political parties but the youth will bring change

Not political parties but the youth will bring change

Having considered the overall situation in the country, we can conclude that political parties have miserably failed in bringing the change that people of India deserve and desire. Indians have lost the hope that political parties will take India to a brighter future. Although one cannot claim that all the people in political parties are corrupt; it is almost certain that even good people cannot succeed in bringing the change. The scenario is that parties are getting bigger than country and individuals are getting bigger than parties. As a result, ‘who’s who?” has been a dominant factor in the politics of India and few families are controlling the politics and power. Children of politicians, irrespective of the fact whether they deserve or not; are getting positions and power by virtue of money and muscle power. As a result; non-efficient people are getting an undue position which is detrimental for the future of our country.         

An unholy competition for power is seen throughout the country and people are willing to get into power by whatever means they can. As offshoot of this competition, parties are offering the seats to bad candidates only on the ‘merit’ (?) that they can manage to ‘purchase’ the required votes. 

Some political parties are taking disadvantage of the provision in the law which provides exemption from accounting for the donations upto Rs. 20,000/- amount. Crores of rupees received from corporate sector (out of corporate-politicians unholy nexus) are being accounted in pieces of less than 20 thousand on fake names. This is how the black money is being made white by political parties. While many activists are fighting to bring back black money from foreign countries, here the money easily gets white in India through fake names and bogus identities. This is dangerous for the future of the country. Like the Janlokpal, we will have to insist for legal measures ensuring accountability of political parties. Also, a mechanism should be established to meticulously audit the funds received by political parties so that it becomes known to people wherefrom the parties are getting money.

There are examples where corrupt politicians sacked from one party are welcomed by other party! Some parties have completely lost their socio-political perspective. They never remember thousands of those who lost their lives for getting India independent. The forget that they are there to serve people. Criminalization of politics is visible everywhere. In the holy temple of democracy, parliament; 163 members have been blotted having registered in some or the other crime. Political parties are responsible for this. Why do the political parties offer candidature to such people? And yes, to some extent people as voter are also responsible to this, why they elect such people even after knowing their background? It is such a serious scenario that many voters literally “sale” their votes! Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar delivered the best constitution to us but through our misconduct, we have created a big threat before democracy.
Our society is fractured from village to metros. Political parties are busy in claiming credit of everything they do. Every village has many political parties with groups within a single party. Politics has been largely individualized.          
On 26th January 1950, we have adopted the constitution and the People of India have got the supremacy. People’s representatives and bureaucrats have been bestowed with responsibility to ensure welfare of the common people. With changing scenario, they assumed that they are the masters of the people and virtually our democracy got degraded. The situation is so worsen that people get afraid to go to police station for their genuine complaints. If a person goes to police station to lodge the FIR, the police get pressurized from ministers not to lodge the FIR as the person who committed crime is close to minister!   This terrorism spread across the villages is equally dangerous to the Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Due to this terrorism, India could not follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi in true sense.

I am confident that if the youth of this country remembers the sacrifice done by Shahid Bhagatsingh, Shahid Sukhdev and Shahid Rajguru, he will come ahead and change the nation. Youth must come together. And let us elect only those who bear a good moral character; crossing party lines.

The issues of public interest such as Right to Reject, Right to Recall, Citizen’s Charter, Empowerment of Gramsabha can be accomplished only if we select people with good moral and character. Only then we will be able to successfully address the issues related to poor farmers and workers. Youth will have to promote themselves to go to villages and create public awareness. The nation cannot be satisfied with voting rate of 50% and atleast 85% people will have to vote for a strong democracy. We will have to prevent bad people from entering into the holy temples of democracy.

If we wish to change this country, every day is important to us till we make such change through electoral 2014. Therefore, let us start awareness and education of the people. Let us get aware and organized. Bigger the organization, more are the chances to win.

Personally, I am going to travel the entire country to awake the people. Let us try to get justice for those common people who are sick of corruption and inflation! 

Jay Hind !!

K.B. alias Anna Hazare

Ralegan Siddhi
4 February 2013.                

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  2. Come forward youth, why are you waiting for.

  3. "Bigger the organization, more are the chances to win" is true. But where is the organization and its leader? People will follow, but capable leaders should direct the move first.