Sunday, 16 March 2014

“Democracy didn't not come, what happened?”

After 66 years of Independence, some political parties are responsible for rising corruption, bullying, terrorism & adultery in our country

               Indian Constitution does not mention any party and parties. Constitution states that any citizen residing in India can contest election individually. Constitution does not mention any group.
         From 1857 to 1947 freedom fighters like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, and such lakhs of patriots have sacrificed their lives to throw away tyrannical rule of British & to bring democracy in our country which is through people’s participation.
         In 1947 British left our country but Democracy never came in our country. Party & parties never allowed Democracy to come in our country.

“Democracy didn't not come,  what happened?”

In 1947 British went away, we gained independence. In 1949 our Constitution was ready, but it does not mention any party & parties names. Constitution states that citizens of good character should contest the elections & the citizens should elect such citizens of good character & send them to Parliament.
On 26 Jan 1950 India became Republic. Citizens became the possessor of this nation. The day when India became Republic, the party & parties should have been dismissed, but this did not happen. Mahatma Gandhi had appealed Congress leaders to dismiss the party & according to Constitution the citizens of good character should contest the election & citizens should elect individuals of good character & send them to Parliament. In 1952 country faced first General Election. Party & Parties were not dismissed. But these Parties unconstitutionally contested the Elections & by unconstitutional ways the groups of parties entered Parliament. Inside parliament & outside also the groups of Parties were formed & to gain power & wealth, they started blaming each other.
Such group of party & parties did not allow the Democracy to come in our country, which is run for people through people’s participation. Not only this these parties have vanquished the Democracy, & today everywhere we find emergence of rule of party & parties. Democracy which is run by people through people’s participation has vanished.
Loksabha should have been of people. According to Constitution any individual citizen could contest election, & citizens by electing such citizens of good character, & if such individuals of good character were sent to the Parliament then this could have been the session of people.
Today it has not remained an association of people but association of parties. Today maximum people sitting in Parliament are of such party & parties.
As party & parties have contested elections unconstitutionally & formed groups inside & outside Parliament corruption, bullying, terrorism, adultery, loot has increased in our country.
According to constitution if people of good character were elected to parliament then the monster of corruption which we see today, would not have rose.
Many a times to gain power, these parties are fighting inside & outside the Parliament. This is blackening our Democracy.
These parties are opting every possible means to gain power, wealth & in this way the competition has increased. Some parties allot tickets to candidates who are corrupt, hooligans, looters, adulterous, so that by bullying voters they gain huge number of votes. Parties, through power of money & group of people get these people elected. And these corrupt, hooligans, looters, adulterous people enter the sacred temple of Democracy. Power through money & money through power, this cycle has begun in our country, which has put breaks to development of our country.
As there is no awakening amongst voters therefore these hooligans, corrupt, people lure voters for a bottle of wine & 200 to 500 rupees, which paves a way for them to enter Vidhansabha & Loksabha by votes of these people.
The voters should take an oath by remembering the sacrifice made by Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru, and lakhs of people & take a pledge that though these parties have given tickets to corrupt, hooligans, looters, adulterous people, I shall not vote them. I shall vote only people of good character. If voters take such decision, then the holy temple of Democracy, would see only holy people entering it & we can stop the corrupt, hooligan, looters  from entering Vidhansabha & Loksabha.
Mahatma Gandhi used to say, to change country, village needs to be changed. Unless village economy is changed, countries economy won’t change. Today these parties have formed groups in every village & encouraged disputes among them. This has blocked the progress of villages. Almost all villages have groups supported by these parties.
Power of youth is the power of this nation. If this power of youth awakens, then prosperity of this society & nation is not too far. But today these parties have formed groups into every college & encouraged quarrels amongst them. The power which is to be diverted towards development of nation is diverted to fighting amongst themselves, because of these parties & their groups.
These parties & their groups have sown the seed of casteism to gain votes. Therefore we see different castes fighting with each other. As per Constitution, if individual person would have got elected then there won’t have been rise in fights among castes. Today we see different parties & groups have distributed amongst themselves colleges of Engineering, Medical, and Dental etc. And to gain wealth they have started these shops. Due to this higher education has gone out of reach of a common man. If common citizen would have got elected this would not have happened. Bofors, 2-G Spectrum, Adarsh society, Helicopter scam, Coal scam, and such scams worth crores of rupees have happened because of parties & their groups.
To bring change in this, the key is in the hands of voters. The voters must exercise their Right to Vote. And also take a pledge that, without taking any bribe, would vote the candidates of good character & not the corrupt, hooligan, adulterous and looters.
I shall not vote for any parties corrupt, hooligan, looters, and adulterous candidates. I shall vote only for individual, candidate of people, who is of good character. 
If every citizen takes this pledge, then, one day will come when there will be Democracy, rule of people through people’s participation & party & parties system would vanquish from our country & the dream of powerful nation would come true. In 2014 elections this won’t happen as party & parties are deeply rooted in the minds of every voter. They won’t come out so easily. In one house two brothers are of two parties. In such situation, to vanquish the system of party is not so easy process. I believe that if voters are awakened, then, if not in five years, in ten years, these party & parties’ system would be vanquished.
Some people feel that, how can country run if party & parties are not there? It’s natural to feel in such a way, because of habit of 66 years but today the same process which is performed by the elected members in Parliament, of these parties, same would be performed by the non-party members. They would elect the Speaker, Prime Minister. If they do not reach consensus, then they would adopt democratic way of voting, take the decision by majority, that would be a real Democracy.
  K. B. Alias Anna Hazare    
  16 March 2014.

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