Friday, 28 February 2014

My thoughts about the support given to Mamta Banerjee....

28 February 2014.   

In my whole life I haven’t supported any of the political party, but for the first time as I have shown my support to Mamta Banerjee, people are asking why I am doing so, as I say these parties are unconstitutional and taking part in elections?
   For this I have the answer that the forthcoming elections of-2014 are crucial and prove to be a turning point. Due to corruption, prize hike, injustice, Inequality of income, and so on, people are demanding change. Up to now particular political parties have been leading the country. I think these parties cannot give a bright future to the country; therefore people are seeking and thinking a new way to bring change. If the voters in this country think so, they can do it. Mamta Banerjee and her party is not having financial support from any hidden resources. Her party is poor in financial perspective as compared with other parties. As per me, I haven’t any bank balance, but we both have a strong desire to bring this change, expected by the people. Keeping in view this thing we have pointed out 17 things and have sent to all the parties for knowing if they are ready to implement it. I say very honestly if these 17 points come in effect, the entire picture can be changed. We are confident about it. Unfortunately no party except Mamta Banerjee has answered us on this issue up to now. Only Mamta Banerjee has written me and assured for its implementation.
   I have come to know about Mamta Banerjee, in spite of a Chief Minister she hasn't used Government’s Bungalow, car or any other allowances. Still she lives in a small home that is inherited to her from her ancestor. She still uses sleeper and wears Saree made from “Khadi”.  This scarifies I think is important for social and national point of view. She has been constantly fighting for the welfare of this society and country. She is against all mal – practices which are going on. She has 65 stitches in her head, her hand and leg has fractured, still she is a devoted lady. She is the only lady and Chief Minister in our country, in spite of all such major damages she is struggling for countries well being. Hence I feel she deserves to have a leading role. So I gave my support to her. The people should think about such patriotic and true leader. As per me, I myself ,Have decided to scarify my life for the country and I feel Mamta Banerjee’s  view is matching with me,I supported her. That’s it.
   Her views to bring changes in this country are also very important. Mahatma Gandhiji used to say, village is the crucial agency to bring over all changes. He thought if proper management water is done and bringing increase in farm production, and out of this product, if we start some small scale industries, making available international market, we can stop the flow of people to cities. The problem of unemployment can be solved in the village itself. It can be helpful to strengthen not only villages’ but the whole countries’ economy. Mahatma Gandhiji used to say, if we change a village’s economy; it will lead to change the economy of country. Mamtaji is of the same opinion and so I like her inspired views and deeds. Today after independence we have adopted the policy of international market, but unfortunately this is leading to economic crisis. We have invited multinational companies. These companies are seeking lands; as a result forcefully these lands are being acquired. By any means the farmers are being robbed. Is this a real democracy? Today our rivers, dams, forests and almost everything is sold to these multinational companies, is it fare? It shows only few businessmen are running this country? In such hopeless and miserable circumstances Mamta Banarji’s views are really inevitable and acceptable.  We are heading towards destruction in respect of geological assets, as geological wealth is being extracted and being used without its effects. I think this is not real development.
   I haven’t literally supported Mamta Banerjee’s party, but I have supported her social and national ideology. This ideology can only lead the country towards development. Hence I appreciated her. Up to now the political parties in our country have been thinking only about coming into power. No party is talking about changing the system. Only Mamta Banerjee is thinking of changing the system. The work that took place in Bengal, if it applies for the entire country, it will definitely bring a hopeful picture. Only change of government is not the solution, change in system as the answer. I think Mamta Banarji has this answer.
   If the existing political parties expecting a good change they would have shown their willingness to implement these 17 points. But unfortunately no party except Mamta Banerjee has shown this will.
   I have also written the letter to Arvind Kejariwal containing these 17 points. If he is ready to accept these points, I will also support him, I have mentioned it. But he hasn’t given me any reply till now. It shows that in spite of thinking about the country, you are thinking only about coming into power. I think from such power country will not get anything. What is the difference between your party and the other parties?

K. B. alias Anna Hazare.


  1. What are these 17 points? Do they include woman safety in west bengal?

  2. Question mark on your so called change?

  3. I don't think this man (Anna Hazare) will be able to change fate of India.